Agm Strategic Solutions

AGM Strategic Solutions Inc. was established in Ankara in 2007 to provide consultancy services in project financing, especially in the European Union projects. The activities of AGM Steategic Solutions Inc. may be classified as preparation of grant projects funded by the European Union and National Development Agencies through Project Cycle Management – PCM method as well as providing consultancy services and preparation of assessment reports during/after implementation of the projects; to deliver PCM trainings and to provide assistance to international companies with their local needs.

Another target of AGM is to improve dual technology transfer between Turkish companies and companies from other countries. To this end, AGM supports the export of the techonologies and products developed by Turkish companies and/or produced in Turkey through activities like international representation, marketing and networking. Additionally, AGM is in service for importation of the products and technologies developed in other countries and their utilization in various fields and sectors in Turkey.

Parallel to dual technology transfer, we develop innovative solutions and financial ease through international trade and project finance in order to promote export and import between Turkey, USA and other countries. International project finance research, working capital financing from the USA and financial and foreign trade advisory services are among other services provided by AGM.


Healthy in Turkey

Healthy in Turkey is a medical tourism agency, guiding individuals who wish to receive healthcare services in Turkey; assisting them in reaching the best specialist and medical institution for their special case, among many facilities fully equipped with top notch technology providing reliable, highest quality and fast treatment by highly educated and experienced health professionals within the country. Healthy in Turkey also assists the guests in international flight ticketing, airport and in-city transfers, accommodation and touristic activities.