Quality and HSE Policy

  • Increasing the client satisfaction by duly fulfilling the commitments we undertake by using appropriate material and workmanship,
  • Complying with all local and international legal obligations and ethical rules,
  • Creating a safe and healthy working environment where living standards of all of our team members are developed continuously, their job satisfaction is increased and successes are shared,
  • Adopting “zero” accident policy in occupational health and safety,
  • Continuing to be environment-friendly by protecting the nature using resources efficiently, recycling the wastes and keeping clean,
  • Increasing our knowledge and experience by following technological improvements,
  • Carrying out continuous improvement and development activities in all of our processes.

are our indispensable principles in all of our activities for achieving our goal “to be a reputable and permanent construction company”.

Being a team member of YENİGÜN means fulfilling the responsibilities assumed in accordance with these principles.