Yenigün Construction

Our company which was established in 1973 has successfully completed various housing projects, sports facilities, shopping mall, hotel and military buildings as well as water networks, airport runways, metro, aprons and taxiway projects both in Turkey and abroad.

Yenigün company have been listed within the ENR’s “Top 250 International Contractors” list for the past five years and is proud to continue to its growth together with its established reliability since the first day of its establishment together with main principle of investing in quality and human resources.

Yenigün İnşaat

Metok Construction

Metok Construction which specializes in dam construction was established in 1977. The company was acquired by Yenigün Group in 1998 and had been restructured to continue to progress its growth in compliance with the principles and strategic priorities of Yenigün Group. The company had realized various water supply projects in addition to HEPP, airport and housing construction projects.

Yenigün Polska

The company was established in Warsaw with 90% of the shares belongs to Yenigün Construction. The purpose of the company’s establishment was to take part in infrastructure projects of NATO for Central European NATO member countries. The construction of business center, hotel, housing and similar superstructural projects projects are also within the company’s scope.