Yenigün Energy

Yenigün Energy Production Corp. was established in 2005. The Söğütlükaya (Posof III) HEPP in Ardahan province, has been in operation since 21.01.2011.

Çine Energy

Çine Energy Production Industrial and Trade Corp. was established in 2011 with the purpose of natural gas combined cycle power plant project investment.

Beyali Energy

Beyali Energy Production Corp.,established in 2009, continues to specialize in solar energy investments. The solar energy production license for 55 MW capacity was obtained to Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK), and the process has been suceeded. As part of Unlicenced Solar Power Prodution Regulations, installation of 0,5 MW Solar Power Plant in Polatlı, Ankara was completed in March 2014 on behalf of following the solar energy developments.

Two units of wind measurement station was established in Ayvalık andBergama at April 2015. Application for licences to Energy MarketRegulatory Authority shall be done(EPDK).