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                                                                        Expansion in Africa
                                             The first contract has been signed in Algeria in line with our   2015
                                                                    Expansion Strategy in Africa.

                                                           Expansion Strategy in Middle East
                            Complex Project in Taif, has been undertaken in accordance with Yenigun’s Expansion  2013
                               The Branch Office in Saudi Arabia was established and the first contract, Medical

                                                                         Strategy in Middle East.
                                                  Expansion in Real Estate Investment Projects
                                       Bomonti (Istanbul) Project commenced in line with the objective of   2012
                                         expanding our area of activity in Real Estate Investment Projects.

                                              Expanding Area of Expertise in Industrial Projects
                                  Pursuant to Yenigun’s objectives of expanding the area of expertise in the   2011
                                  Industrial Projects, first contract has been signed in Aliağa (İzmir / Turkey).

                                                  Contracts successfully completed in a timely manner. 2010
                                                   Participation in Sochi Olympics Programme

                                 The first time entry to ENR - The Top 225 International Contractors List. 2008
                                     One of The Top 225 International Contractors in the World

                                    Entering the energy sector with Söğütlükaya Posof III HEPP Investment. 2005
                                                                 Entering the Energy Sector

                                                                  First Overseas Experience
                                        The first step into the international construction market with the   1995
                                         Gazprom Building Construction in Moscow, Russian Federation.
                                                                    Globalizing with TUSEG
                                         Bidding for the tenders of TUSEG (The US Engineering Group-a   1981
                                                                corporation of NATO and USA).

                                                            Transition into a Family Company
                                      the company, termination of shares of previous shareholders and  1977
                                      Joining of Fikret Yenigün, the older brother of Mithat Yenigün, to
                                                          switching to a family owned enterprise.

                                                                            Journey Begins
                                       Starting the construction business with school and NATO projects.  1974

                                       Returning from Istanbul to Diyarbakır and registration to Chamber   1973
                                              of Commerce as Mithat Yenigun Individual Establishment.
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